Our main goal is giving advice to the management team in all areas of the factory, from the costs analysis to business strategy, including industrial and logistics processes

Manufacturing costs

Wide experience in costs analysis, by business unit or sales unit, evaluating the raw material, energy, administration and logistics costs

Process improvement

Manufacturing processes analysis to eliminate redundancies, reduce downtime and improve efficiency, respecting the know-how of each company

Management Systems

Functional analysis of the business unit processes, before selecting the ERP software tool to streamline installation and shorten the ramp-up time

Strategic Marketing projects

Helping the CEO to develop the medium-term strategic plan, defining costs, planning the schedule and creating a checklist to evaluate its effectivity

Logistics and distribution

Analysis and improvement of warehouse data management, defining the processes required such as stock analysis by RF tracking

New investments

Guiding the CEO in all the phases of a new plant project: planning, definition, execution and performance control


FAIC’s goal is to become the nexus between the plant and the suppliers, offering a global service in every area and giving fulltime support to the CEO

Financial analysis

Financial analysis

FAIC is able to provide any kind of costs analysis (by business unit or sales unit) to improve performance. A Balance Scorecard that may be extremely useful to the management team

We also provide the ROI analysis in investment projects and deviations analysis too

Process analysis

Process analysis

FAIC analysis of the existing production lines, allows to evaluate the most common efficiencies and parameters such as MTBF or MTTR

FAIC is able to propose improvements of development process, plant modifications on existing equipment or the installation of new equipment in order to improve profitability

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Scout the market to identify new suppliers, helping the plant to select of the best ones, by location, cost or efficiency

Project management

Project management

New installations execution support, coordinating different suppliers, in order to avoid interferences with the departments of the factory as production or maintenance

Standardization of suppliers in Spare parts, giving information or working methods of the plant