FAIC Industrial consulting was born in 2014, after more than twelve years of professional experience in several managing positions in multinational companies. This previous experience gives FAIC managers an accumulated knowledge in all areas of a company. From the production area, working under LEAN methodology, to strategic marketing, going through a deep knowledge of industrial management systems and "Just in Time" way of working

Our goal is support the CEO in every aspect of their industrial plants, helping them in their everyday life, and in their improvement projects

For this work we offer two types of services:

  • Project contracts (costs, strategy, process analysis, logistics and distribution)
  • Service Contracts

Featured projects

Elaboration of the strategic marketing plan company

Creating with the shareholders of the company a strategic plan for the 2016-2020 period, establishing the schedule of the actions to be taken, the budget and the expected results

Cost analysis by reference

This study allowed the company, with more than thirty references and four packaging lines, to establish the new costs parameters, be prepared for a significant rise in raw materials and update its strategic plan based on the knowledge of the new margins by product

Design of a new processing plant

New manufacturing needs appeared due to the increase in sales, a new plant was designed in a new location, with new machinery and better performance achievement

Delivery routes optimization

After geo positioning and classification of the clients within different delivery routes, we improved time and kilometers made by every delivery van of the company

Improving efficiency of production line

By the analysis of a packaging line and making small adjustments, we get 30% increase in efficiency with the same people in every shift

Energy costs reduction

Due to the process analysis, and making small improvements in the production lines, savings in energy were achieved, electricity (15%) and fuel(30%)

ERP software requirements design

Based in the existing processes of the factory, flow charts, templates and administrative processes were designed to be included in the new ERP, making easier the choice of the supplier and the implementation of the new program